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Best Hunting Cameras To Impact Your Hunt


For serious hunters, trail cameras can sometimes be the difference between a successful hunt and a night spent out in the cold for absolutely no reason. As technology has changed, so too, has the trail camera. There are a plethora of cameras available, but which ones are worth your time and money? This article will discuss some of the best trail cameras out there that you can procure to increase the quantity and quality of your next hunt.


  1. Bushnell Aggressor Red-Glow


What makes this camera stand apart is that it takes the most amount of pictures than any other trail camera currently on the market. The controls are simple to use, which is excellent for those who don’t necessarily want to fiddle with the thing all day, and it also comes packed full of various features. It’s able to take photos from 110 feet even at night, giving you excellent coverage for mapping out potential spots for a hunt. One of the features it provides is a field scan option that takes photos automatically at intervals that you decide. This does not require manual triggering as it is in time-lapse mode.


  1. Reconyx HC600


This camera edges out on others with its durability. By far, it is among those which last the longest. One of the perks of it being a Reconyx brand, too, is that they will usually fix it if it breaks even if the camera is past warranty. They may also give you credit towards a new camera. Not only is it made in America, but the battery life is comparative to none other. Although it doesn’t shoot video, it has the second highest rating in detection range.


  1. Spypoint Force 10


If you need to take photos quickly, you should consider this trail camera. Its trigger speed is a staggering .32 seconds, and its recovery time is an equally incredible .5 seconds. The photos it takes is high quality regardless of if its day or night, and it is capable of providing high-quality video as well. Since it is on the cheaper side of the spectrum, you can procure quite a few easily and inspect a large portion of land with them.


  1. Browning Recon Force Platinum


At the end of the day, all you need is a camera that can give you high-quality photos and videos, right? The Browning camera can give you just that. Simple in its design and features, it does exactly what a hunter needs it to do. It comes with a viewing screen that allows the hunter to play back photos and videos as well as offers a live preview of what it is capturing while the camera is in place. For those seeking simplicity, this is the camera for you.


Quality Camera For A Quality Hunt


At the end of the day, you know best what your hunting and inspection needs are on the trail. Utilize the best equipment and catch that legendary trophy.

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