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Growing and maintaining growth of your Instagram account is easy with these tips


Instagram is something that is becoming more and more popular with everyone nowadays, from teenagers to people in their 60s and 70s.

Growing your Instagram account is also something that more and more people are obsessing about. To a point that some people spend hours every day trying to do just that.

If you are trying to grow your Instagram account, and want to be able to maintain that growth once you do, here are a few things that just may help.

Start with your bio — People are often originally attracted to your bio. Especially if you do something interesting, have cool hobbies or sound fun or unique.

That is why you should spend quite a while crafting the right bio. A bio that, in just a few words, will tell new viewers who you are, why you are cool and why they should be following you.

Use a profile photo that grabs attention — Do not just put up a pretty profile photo and leave it at that. Instead upload one that is unusual, interesting and really draws the eye to the top of your Instagram page.

Your profile photo tells your new viewers a lot about you, so make sure yours makes you look like one of the coolest, most interesting people around.

Do not post a mediocre photo — If you find yourself stuck one day with just mediocre photos to post, do not post until you have one that is striking.

This is because, if you post that one ugly photo, you could easily end up alienating your audience and having a large number of them unfollow you.

Instead wait until you have a beautiful photograph to upload and then promote it as much as you can. Not only will your current followers stick around, but more will likely arrive as well.

Use interesting captions — While people love your photos, they also like to read interesting captions and you have two choices to make them that.

Either post captions that are short and funny, or post long captions that tell a story about the photo you have just uploaded. You will often find your photos with long captions will get more of an engagement, and then more people will begin to follow you as well.

Never post more than once every six hours — While two to three times a day will attract the attention of more potential Instagram followers, you do not want to post more than once every six hour or so.

After all, if every time someone opens up their Instagram app and sees yet another photograph from you, eventually they will unsubscribe from your feed. Do this enough times, and you will lose a lot of your followers.

Blue and green are winners — People seem to love blue and green photos and will often react to them more than they will to other colors.

Choose blue and green photos more often when you upload new ones, and you may be surprised at how fast your Instagram account grows with every new photo. Aside from all of the tips above it has become quite easy to buy instagram likes from reputable service providers. This might also be a way to kickstart things off.