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How difficult is it to repair an iPhone?


The ease of repairing smartphones, of course, varies according to their complexity and the availability of the phone components. With iPhones, the complexities are magnified as this is one of the most technologically advanced brands in the market usually with a myriad of functions packed into a single device.

The ease of iPhone repairs is very much dependent on the model of the iPhone and damaged part. While some parts might be easy enough for a home DIY replacement on certain models, for other models, the best option to ensure the continued functionality of your phone is getting it back to pro-engineers. For iPhone repairs, we would have to discuss regarding the models, availability of parts and tools, and the required skills.

iPhone Models

The different phones available have different features even within the same genre. The iPhone 4 for example, of course, comes with the 4s, 4c, and plain iPhone 4 variety. While there might be similarities in designs of these phones, any minute differences such as the position of the camera, earpiece jack or even heat shield will invariably affect iphone 6 screen replacement for example and will determine the level of technicality required. The cost of getting the parts of your phone to be replaced as well as the correct tools to be used is one of the first things to consider. Getting phone parts from Apple directly might be more expensive than getting it from third party retailers, but the assurance that comes with the directly bought parts is often worth the cost. If you are going the way of DIY, then, by all means, be assured of the credibility and authenticity of your source. It is advisable to go for those retailers with good customer reviews and also to offer their clients warranty on the purchased products.

Parts And Tools

While getting the parts, you might want to look for pre-attached parts for the more complex phone designs. This will ease the stress of reattaching complex parts when you are re-assembling the phone after changing a faulty piece. Some of the most common tools used in repairing a smartphone easily include;

A suction cup for detaching a screen/display

Specialized screwdriver kits and wedges

Razor blade for prying loose tightly attached components and

A spudger tool

Keep in mind that the tools listed above are mostly generic and not specific to any particular phone model or type. The screen is undeniably the most susceptible part of any smartphone to be destroyed, and in need of fixing, the above-listed tools are essential in the opening and replacing screens. Due to the abundance and array of screws used in building up an iPhone, you might need a tool tray to hold these screws and prevent them from rolling off. Usually, the outer two security screws of most iPhone are interchangeable. Every other screw inside the phone is unique and must be replaced to the exact spot from which it was removed, so your tray should be compartmentalized to differentiate screws for each point.


A few websites offer step by step instructions for repairing different components of the various iPhone models, some with videos, which make it easier to follow. It’s important to note that patience and care are probably the most important skills you can employ in repairing your phone. As long as you are careful and can follow instructions steadily, fixing your phone could be quite easy.