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Is paying for SEO services or PPC better when growing your website?


Many website owners eventually have to decide which choice is better? Paying for SEO (search engine optimization) services or PPC (pay per click) when it comes to growing their websites?

After all, while the right SEO expert can definitely help a website grow, a good PPC campaign can do the same.

Which choice is better for a website owner wanting the best result for the amount of money he or she can afford to spend?

A PPC campaign is faster — If you choose to pay for an SEO expert to optimize your site, you will usually not see the benefits for several months. When you do, however, they will be long-lasting.

With a PPC campaign, you will see results immediately as the minute the campaign begins people will start to click on advertising for your site.

In longevity, SEO is king — The main reason SEO is usually the best choice for many webmasters is due to its longevity. This is because, while PPC may be effective in the short term, its effectiveness ends the minute the webmaster stops paying for a campaign.

With SEO, on the other hand, the changes an SEO expert makes to a website and the SEO strategy he employs continue to reap rewards after the SEO company (see SEO New Jersey) is long gone.

The cost of SEO versus PPC — For many small website owners, the cost of a typical PPC campaign is simply beyond their reach. That is because you can get decent, long-lasting value from SEO help for just a few hundred dollars.

A typical PPC campaign, on the other hand, is in the many thousands with no limit to the cost of the campaign until you stop running it. Then all the benefits you have gained are immediately lost.

SEO is more than five times more effective than PPC — There have been several studies done on SEO versus PPC in the last few years, and almost all studies agree on one thing.

SEO is more than five times more effective than PPC, and even more so when you consider the SEO benefits go on long after a PPC campaign has finished.

SEO results more likely to be clicked on — The biggest reason why SEO is far more effective than PPC, however, is because links in organic search — the results that come up when you search for a particular keyword — are far more likely to be clicked on than the advertising that appears in a PPC campaign.

What this boils down to is, even if you are spending tens of thousands of dollars on a PPC campaign, your links in an unpaid search will be clicked on far more often than will the adverts in your campaign.

PPC is a get rich quick scheme — Many analysts believe a PPC campaign is little more than a get rich quick scheme, with webmasters that pay for such a campaign banking on making money by simply throwing tens of thousands of dollars at a PPC company.

In the long term, however, one tenth of that money spent on an SEO campaign will usually make a patient webmaster far more money, and give their website much more prominence.