Home Information Technology Looking to work in IT? Here is what you need to know.

Looking to work in IT? Here is what you need to know.


In-Demand IT Jobs

If you are looking for work in IT (e.g. ict vacatures) there are many things to know that will help you in your search. Knowing which jobs are the most in demand can help guide your job search. Employers are always seeking:

– Software Developers

– Computer Systems Analysts

– Computer User Support Specialists

– Network + Computer Systems Administrators

– Information Technology Project Managers.

While those are the top five in-demand IT jobs, there are many more employers are looking for. Web Developers are always in demand, as are people who specialize in Information Security Analysis. By knowing what the in-demand jobs are, you can make sure you ghave the right training to be a top contender.


Highly Sought Skillsets

Now that you know what jobs are in-demand, it is time to talk about the skill sets that attract employers the most. All the training in the world will not matter if your resume does not have the skills employers are looking for. The top skill IT employers are looking for right now is proficiency in Java. Java is a skill highly sought after, and one every IT person should ensure they have some knowledge of. Structures Query Language (SQL), Linux and Python all rate highly on attractive skills as well. One of the least sought-after skill sets is technical support. It is often assumed that if you have some of the more coveted skills, you will also be able to provide technical support. The ability to provide technical support with just a working knowledge of these important skills is not marketable to employers. They want you to be an expert in skills such as Java and SQL and then be able to turn that into technical support if necessary.


Don’t Be Afraid to Freelance or Work Remotely

Many people have great ideas or dreams, but no technical knowledge to get there. They are looking for someone just like you. Offering your services as a freelancer gives you many benefits. You can maintain a flexible schedule, control who you accept as your clientele, and set your own rates. Freelancing does mean you have to get yourself out there and land your own jobs in order to make a living. This is not for everybody. If you are interested in some flexibility but do not want to freelance, working remotely is another option. Many companies are happy to hire people with the right education and skill set, and then allow them to work remotely from their home. This can allow some flexibility in your schedule, as well as save you on commute costs.


Searching for an IT job can feel challenging, but don’t let it get to you. Knowing what education and skills you have that are most desirable can help you to catapult your resume to the top of the pile. Also, because you have chosen IT as your field, there is a lot of flexibility to what you can achieve, You can freelance, work remotely, or have a regular nine-to-five and be successful in your field.