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Review: Why is the Lamborghini hoverboard so popular and should you buy it?


I bought the Lamborghini hoverboard a few months ago when I had some spare cash, and saw this popular hoverboard at my local board shop.

Having done some research on the board before I purchased it, I did expect to like it. What I did not expect was to love it, especially due to the low price I paid. Imagine my surprise then to discover the Lamborghini hoverboard not only had just about everything I was looking for in a board, it was a board I really loved to ride as well.

The Lamborghini hoverboard is smooth — The first thing I like about the Lamborghini hoverboard is just how smooth it is to ride.

Part of that is due to its large 8 inch wheels, as well as to its sturdy and durable design. What I do notice when I ride it, however, is how smooth it runs and how very little of the road surface I actually feel.

See it in action:


The battery lasts a long time — When I bought a hoverboard, I did not want to have to wait overnight for it to re-charge. Neither did I want to have it die on me after just a couple of hours of use.

That was another reason I bought the Lamborghini hoverboard, as I knew it took less than two hours to charge.

What I did not know, however, is that it would run 20 to 25 kilometers at a reasonable speed before I would have to re-charge it. Re-charging is to easy as well, I have even re-charged it while I have been siting in a cafe enjoying a latte and a snack.

The LED lights make it safer — The Lamborghini hoverboard also has large LED lights on the top of it, as well as smaller lights around the base of the board.

These lights are very noticeable, and so are a lovely added safety feature I really like having on my board.

It carries a normal sized person — While some boards look nice and come with many of the features you might like, they do not all have the capacity to carry a fully grown adult.

The Lamborghini hoverboard is different. Depending on the model you buy, it can carry an adult up to a weight of 250 lbs. I weigh 232 lbs, and I have never had a problem riding it. Nor have I ever experienced any damage to it due to my weight.

After looking at a number of hoverboards, I decided to buy the Lamborghini hoverboard. Several months later of continued use several times a week, and I still feel it was an exceptional choice. In fact, if I had to choose again, I would choose the same board.


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