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Should you pay for a movie streaming service or will free get you what you need?


If you are always looking for new movies to watch but are not yet signed up with a paid streaming movie service, you may be wondering if you should sign up for one.


Or, should you look at some of the many free streaming movie services out there, and get your movie fix that way instead?


After all, not everyone wants to lock themselves in to paying for a movie service every month. Especially as you will pay over $120 a year just to do so.


If you are not sure if paid is actually better than free, here are a few things about the free streaming movie services you may want to consider.


A huge selection of movies in every genre — No matter whether you love the blockbuster movies, foreign films, independent films, war movies, westerns, sci-fi, horror or anything in between, the free streaming movie services have all of them.


Some sites cover every genre, while others have a specific genre of film they stream, but you can find any movie genre you like on free streaming movie services all over the Internet.


Easy to access and watch — At one point, some of the free streaming movie services , for example fmovies, started to require their viewers to register and to download special software so they could watch movies online.


Nowadays, however, with so much competition out there, most free streaming movie services just allow you to access all the movies they have. They may instead have a 30 second advertisement you have to watch before you can actually start the movie streaming, but that is usually all you have to do on most free sites.


TV shows too — It is not just movies that the free streaming movie services allow you to watch. Many of them also have a huge number of old and new TV series to watch.


That means if you are out of the viewing area for American TV shows, for European shows, for those filmed in Asia or even those from the BBC, the free streaming movie services will often have many of them.


Obscure films are available — While sites like Hulu and Netflix have a huge number of films, they do not always have access to the more obscure ones.


Free streaming movie services, on the other hand, will often have the most obscure movies streaming. Movies you saw when you were a child and have not been able to find since.


In fact, if you are looking for more unusual movies, then using a free streaming movie service is often much more likely to help you find them.


Available anywhere — One of the big drawbacks of streaming movie services like Netflix and Hulu is they are not available everywhere or, if like Netflix they are, they do not have the same huge catalog that viewers in the United States get to see.


Free streaming movie services are accessible from any country and by anyone, whenever you want to watch a movie.