Six quick ways to promote your company with custom printed stickers


    While you may already know that custom printed stickers can be very affordable, you may not know that they can also be an exceptionally good way to promote your company.

    These six ways are just a few of the many ways you can use custom printed stickers to get more attention to your business, and more customers willing to buy your products.

    Window decals — Start off by having a fun line of window decals designed and printed for you. If you have something cool, cute or fun printed onto a see-through window decal, you may just be shocked at how many people would use that on their car.

    Bumper stickers — Speaking of vehicles, having custom printed bumper stickers designed as a promotion for your company is an excellent idea. Bumper stickers are seen by thousands of people every day. Some are stared at for long periods of time while people in a car behind yours are stuck in traffic. This is why bumper stickers are one of the most effective ways to promote a business. Especially when you consider the low cost per sticker, and how long they will stay on a car.

    Mail them to customers — Once you have stickers that are cool, cute or funny, and also promote your business, put together a mailing and send a sticker to all of your customers. You can also send a second mailer to people you would like to be your customers. As long as the stickers you send are interesting, many of these people will use them on refrigerators, car windows, laptops, cell phones and other places that may be seen by thousands of people.

    Phone stickers — Why not have a cute decal designed that can be placed on the back of a cell phone? So many mobile phone owners are always looking for cute ways to brighten up their phones. Have a phone sticker designed that brightens up a phone and makes the owner look cooler, while still promoting your business, and many people will use them on their phones.

    Floor stickers grab people’s attention — You can also have large floor stickers printed and then placed on the floor in and around your company. Floor stickers are superb as a way to promote your company as they can be very large, and most people walk around looking at their feet.

    You can use these stickers to promote specific products, to advertise an upcoming sale, to direct people to specific parts of your company you would like them to see, and to many other areas of your business as well.

    Companies do not utilize floor stickers very often, and they really should. Especially as they are inexpensive to have custom made yet, once laid on the floor, can last a very long time.