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The Best Project Management Software For 2018


The Best Project Management Software for 2018

It is extremely difficult to define which software is best because this is dependent on the specific needs of the user. Every project is different and the people have a wide variety of requirements and needs. A project can be for a company wide initiative, a variety of departmental activities or the completion of day to day work. Prior to selecting any project management software, it is important to discern the exact size of the team and the type of projects the software will be used to complete. The idea is to select the software that best aligns with the working techniques of the team and the specific scope of the project. The main categories for project management software are projects for students, beginners, larger teams and the overall performance. We will just show you a few, but there are tons of free project management software options available.

Easy Projects

Easy Projects is an excellent choice for the most useful project management software. This software provides an easy integration, solid options for customization and a guest portal. The paid plans are impressive but the software additionally provides a free version that is very well rounded. This version is excellent for the needs of beginners. Easy Projects provides a nice variety of resources and tools so it matches the needs of most people extremely well.


Teamwork is a good option for students who have become frustrated with the disorganization often associated with group projects. Students can share information and communicate quickly due to the strong messaging feature. This is important when coordinating the times for the students to work and meet. Teamwork additionally integrates with the most popular software for storage such as Google Docs. This enables the students to have access to whatever work they may need. This software is not quite as enjoyable or easy to use as some of the more robust software options like East Projects. Teamwork is still an excellent choice for professionals or college students requiring project management software for the occasional unrelated projects.


LiquidPlanner offers a structured approach that was made for beginners in project management. This software does not provide the same level of customization or flexibility as a lot of the other software available. What makes this a great choice is the software is much easier to learn how to use due to the simplified interface. This software is not recommended for experienced professionals who require a lot more than the bare minimum. LiquidPlanner is the right choice for those who are just beginning. This software is extremely simple to use and save novices a lot of effort and time.


Clarizen is the best project management software for the experienced professional. This software provides excellent financial tools enabling bigger companies to track multiple budgets and projects easily. This software is a bit more expensive than most and not all the features are as effective or efficient as with some of the other software. This being said, the financial management and specialized task tools make this software a perfect fit for large corporations and enterprises.