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Tips and tricks for growing Instagram following


Awesome, so you want to be the next Kardashian or Kevin Hart of Instagram? What will you do with those thousands or even millions of raving followers? Make money? Sell products? Whatever reasons why you want to grow your Instagram account; this article will show you proven tactics to help you. Whether you are running a personal or a company account, this article is for you.

Before that, it is worth noting that Instagram is ever growing. It now has over 700 million daily users who are super engaged.

1- Show love by liking photos in your niche

Right, I bet you are familiar with reciprocity. When you do good, good things happen to you. Go through 5-10 pictures on somebody’s account. You can as well leave a comment. Remember to be genuine.

By liking other’s photos, you are putting yourself out there and making it easier to be discovered. It is paramount that you concentrate on users in your niche. This helps you get targeted followers.

To find them, use niche hashtags or even go to your competitors’ followers.

Most importantly, don’t appear spammy. People hate spammers.

2 – Run a contest

If you have a budget, you can run a free giveaway. Make sure that the participants comment and tag their friends to enter the contest or, ask them to re-post an image and tag you.

You can also try collaborating with other Instagrammers through loop giveaway.

3 – be consistent

Post daily, at least once per day. The more you post, the better, but it should not be over four times a day. Research conducted by Quintly in 2015 showed that average Instagram accounts post at least once per day.

Interestingly, accounts with a higher number of Instagram followers were found to be posting up to 3 times a day.

It doesn’t matter where you are, just post something daily.

4 – Use relevant and popular hashtags

Hashtags are more critical on Instagram, just as in Twitter. But not every hashtag you can lay your hands no. No. right hashtags can expose your account to even more significant and highly engaged audience.

Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per post, and for your information, most celebrities and brands maximize it. Plus, most users are not such fatigued to hashtags on IG as compared to other networks like Facebook. Imagine someone using 30 hashtags in one post on Facebook…

But remember to avoid banned hashtags.

5 – Use right photo filters

Instagram photo filters are not just there to fill up space. If you use the right ones, it could increase views as well as engagement with your photos and videos.

Studies have shown that photos with filters are 21 percent more likely to be seen than the unfiltered ones. Also, the filtered ones have 45% tendency of receiving comments than those without.

6 – Use geotags in your stories and images

So, you recently visited a favorite restaurant in your area? And of course, you took a selfie. Use geotag when posting the photo to Instagram. When you do this, people who are familiar with the place and have used the same geotag will see your photo. Hopefully, they will follow you because you now have something in common.

What is geotag? Geotagging is tagging a photo with a location.

There you have it. Growing your account is not a rocket science, but it cannot happen overnight unless you got money to spend on ads. But with consistency and testing, you’ll surely grow that number to whatever you want.