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What exactly is a lan messenger and how does it work?


Some information about a lan messenger

A lan messenger is free to use and allows users to exchange messages over a local network. When using lan messenger, like Softros Lan Messenger, it’s not necessary to have a server, which makes that a highly desirable application. Users of lan messenger can set up am alert system for different events on their calendar. Messages are logged by date,time and subject.

The lan messenger also allows users to transfer files from one location to another. It basically operates as a private message sharing system from one computer to another computer. All one has to do is go to the official website and download the software. Once the software is loaded, users can chat with other users. The users control all the settings of the lan messenger. The file transfer feature allows users to automatically transfer files to other users, or have the feature ask the user for permission first. Another thing that can be done with the file feature, is set up a specific location where the files will be saved. Another feature that can be selected is a ‘hot key’ for sending messages, this is a very good feature that will stop messages from being sent by accident. The lan messenger is finding itself in offices around the world, people on the go or who work in remote locations, find this software very convenient. Due to the fact that the internet is not necessary, many people that live and or work in remote places can still use the software.

Users who want to chat with their co-workers, friends or family members will find that this software is extremely easy to use. All one has to do is add other users to their software, and as long as the others are on the network at the same time, communication is very easy. Users can send files to all of their contacts, with one click of the mouse. One can either drag and drop the file or browse the files in the system. All the conversations that users have with other users, and automatically logged, and can be brought up any time. All conversations can be printed and shared with other users. Each user can set their current status, as busy or away from my desk, or any number of other options. There is also a ‘broadcast news’ feature on the lan messenger system. That will allow users to send a message to an entire group of people at the same time. Or users can select which other user the message will be sent to. Lan messenger users can send and receive messages, files, to any other users on the network the user is using. When a user logs on to lan messenger they will immediately be able to see what users are using the lan messenger at that exact moment. Adding other users can be done at any time when using a lan messenger. Users will be able to always see all files that were sent to the user.