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Which is better to promote your website? Paid advertising or SEO


If you have a website and it is not getting anywhere near the amount of traffic you would like, you probably know there are several things you can do to improve the traffic numbers you are currently seeing.


The two main ones, however, are paid advertising and SEO and both have their advantages and disadvantages. Which of the two is better for you? Read the following and then decide.


The advantages of paid advertising to boost your site’s traffic — There are definitely some advantages to paid advertising, especially if you place it on the right sites.


You can place paid advertising on Google search, for instance, and that can help you get new traffic.


You can also place it on other sites that are similar to yours, as these sites are more likely to have the exact type of visitors that would probably be interested in what your site has to offer.


You can also target paid advertising so you are going for a very specific niche of people. People who are likely to be interested in both your ad and what you are selling.


With paid advertising, you will often get traffic far faster than with just using SEO.


Disadvantages of paid advertising — Just like anything, paid advertising does have disadvantages.


These include having to spend money on new traffic for you site and, in the case of advertising, this can be very expensive.


Sometimes you pay for advertising and, while you may get new traffic, it does not always convert. That means wasted money that got you nothing but a few visits.


Many more people nowadays use an ad block plugin, so you will not even be able to reach those people no matter what kind of paid advertising you use.


Advantages of SEO for increased website traffic — Using SEO (for instance a service like search engine optimisation sydney) on your site can bring in a huge number of people if you do it right.


SEO is also free. Unless you pay for an SEO expert to do it for you, in which case the sky is the limit for how much you pay.


SEO is not advertising so it is not something that is really visible to visitors. This means you are far less likely to annoy them.


Disadvantages of SEO — It can take a long time for improved SEO to be noticed by Google, so it may be two or three months before better SEO on your site results in higher placement on Google search.


SEO if done correctly can be great for your site. SEO done badly can damage your site, and cause Google to push it even further down their search results. In some cases, it can cause Google to eliminate your site from search results completely.


Using SEO on your site can also be annoying for visitors if it means keywords are placed in sentences in such a way that they make the sentence awkward to read.


If you are going to hire an SEO expert, you also have to trust that he knows what he is doing, or he could do great harm to your website.