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Which is the best mouse for CSGO and where should you buy it?


Counter Strike: Global Offensive is an online video game that is being played by tens of millions of people all over the world. So popular is the FPS game, many gamers buy special computer equipment so that they can get the edge over other players and have a better chance of winning.

If you are one of these players, and are currently looking for the best mouse for CSGO, here are some things a good mouse should feature as well as where to buy one.


A smooth scrolling wheel — The scrolling wheel is ultra important when playing Counter Strike: Global Offensive, as a smooth wheel can get you to an area of the game much faster than one that is a little jerky in its execution. In an online game where a split second can make all the difference, a mouse with a smooth scroll is key.


Fast DPI — DPI means ‘dots per inch’, and it is often the way a true gamer chooses the right mouse for CSGO. This is because the more dots per inch the mouse the more sensitive the mouse is to the movements you want it to perform. That translates to a faster gameplay and more chances of winning a game.


A comfortable grip style — Remember, you are going to be using your mouse to play Counter Strike: Global Offensive for thousands of hours, so it should be comfortable to your grip. This is why you should never buy a mouse online without having tried the grip first, as what is comfortable to one person is not necessarily comfortable to another. Your best bet is to read reviews about different grip styles first, and then look closely at the mice that have them.


Should you buy wired or wireless? — Mice come in two different types — wired and wireless. Most gamers use a wired mouse as they tend to be faster, have less problems and do not freeze or crash nearly as much as a wireless mouse might. In a game where a tenth of a second can mean surviving or dying, a wired mouse will usually give you that edge.


There are wireless mice that are very high end, however, and manufactured especially for gamers. So, if you have the money to spend and you hate wired mice, you could consider one of them instead.


More buttons for configuration — Some players of Counter Strike: Global Offensive have a highly configured set up that they use, and this means having extra buttons on your mouse to be able to accommodate them. If you are such a gamer, be sure the mouse you choose for CSGO has enough buttons for your own particular set up.


Buying a mouse for CSGO — Finally, buy your new mouse online as the prices online sellers offer are almost always cheaper than offline. Especially if you check prices across several sites, and then use a shopping app to make sure you are being offered the lowest price.

Also, this awesome video by 10bestones shows a few options: